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Wednesday, March 23, 2022

What Northrop Grumman is Doing with Quantum Tech

What Northrop is doing in the space: 

Disruptive Concepts and Technologies: Quantum Technology  By Kelly McSweeney (intro below) 

Second wave of quantum technology is on the way. Quantum mechanics was discovered a century ago, eventually leading to everyday technologies such as lasers and semiconductor electronics. But we still haven’t taken full advantage of its more remarkable effects, such as “distributed entanglement,” a phenomenon in which objects are inextricably linked, even when physically separated over large distances.

Until recently, the more exotic effects of quantum physics were limited to academic experiments. “Now, people are diving deeper and looking to exploit the really strange things at the roots of quantum physics,” says Dr. Ben Burnett, Lead Quantum Networking Architect.

Dr. Burnett leads a research team within Northrop Grumman’s Disruptive Concepts and Technologies (DC&T) organization that’s incorporating emerging developments in the quantum technology field to provide capabilities not found in the realm of classical physics. DC&T’s charter is to understand emerging and potentially disruptive technologies, such as those arising within the burgeoning field of quantum information science. DC&T’s work with quantum networking spans multiple time horizons, to include preparing for the most disruptive technologies arising from interconnected and networked quantum systems – many of which haven’t even been invented yet.  ... ' 

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