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Thursday, April 30, 2020

AI in Banking

Useful survey of AI uses in Banking..Notable use of BPM.

Barclays Innovating in use of AI in Banking

Barclays Bank is emerging as an innovator in the use of AI in financial services. The UK bank, ranked 20th on the S&P Global’s list of the top 100 banks, works with suppliers of AI products and services more than it develops AI applications in house, according to a recent account from  emerj.

Here are three AI initiatives underway at Barclays and the industry partners working on each one:

Risk Modeling with Simudyne, employs predictive analytics to assess loan risk
Voice Recognition for Authentication, with Nuance, aims to apply verification and authentication using voice recognition;

Business Process Automation with IBM, a project to automate debit card deactivation, and analyze customer feedback.

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