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Friday, August 22, 2014

Local Short Course on Web Analytics

Just reminded of this, I know the people involved and it will be quality.  Useful for anyone involved in the space.

The UC Center for Business Analytics is pleased to announce its next short course:
Fundamentals of Web Analytics September 11-12, 2014

With over 500 websites created and 2 million Google searches made every minute of every day, there is no shortage of data online.  Understanding how to use all this data to uncover meaningful insights is a challenge faced by many digital marketers and analysts today.  In this 2 day course, we will review the basic principles of analysis particularly in the digital space.  We will discuss web analytics architecture, implementation and overall strategy with the goal of not only providing the best practices and examples of how web analytics can be done right but to empower attendees to be more data-driven with business decisions, particularly in the digital space.

Course Fee:  $595
Location:   Kingsgate Marriott at the University of Cincinnati  151 Goodman Drive, Cincinnati, Ohio 45219
For more information and registration ... 

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