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Sunday, August 12, 2018

Watson and Healthcare

IBM responds to recent suggestions that they have not made enough progress on Watson for Healthcare.   And that the bet on Watson has not been successful.   Interesting information and links to more:

Watson Health: Setting the Record Straight
August 11, 2018 | Written by: Dr. John E. Kelly,  IBM

We at IBM have a lot to be proud of, including our pioneering work with Watson Health. Unfortunately, some media reports, including an August 11th story published by The Wall Street Journal, distort and ignore facts when suggesting IBM has not made “enough” progress on bringing the benefits of AI to healthcare.  I feel it is imperative to set the record straight.

First, let’s level set.  It is true, as the article reports, that we at IBM have placed a big bet on healthcare.  We have done this for two reasons: 1) Most importantly, we know that AI can make a big difference in solving medical challenges and supporting the work of the healthcare industry, and 2) We see an enormous business opportunity in this area as the adoption of AI increases.

Our focus at IBM Watson Health is in applying next-generation AI technology to cancer care and other major healthcare challenges so people around the world can live better, healthier, longer lives. We have built three distinct cancer tools that help physicians around the world treat patients: ... " 

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