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Wednesday, August 01, 2018

Superforecasting Update

Just received their latest newsletter, of interest:

Goodjudgment:  How Can Superforecasting     Improve your Decisions?

Good Judgment’s co-founder Philip Tetlock literally wrote the book on state-of-the-art crowd-sourced forecasting.

Now, the training, techniques, and talent that helped the Good Judgment Project win a massive government-sponsored forecasting competition can help your organization manage strategic uncertainty. .... " 

In this newsletter, we share the Wall Street Journal's view on Superforecasting, an update from our partnership with Eurasia Group, Superforecasters view on EU Article 7 sanctions, Superforecaster Frederic Bush's article in Two Plus Two on Superforecasting in Poker, and reveal the GJ Open crowd's tip for the World Cup winner.  .... " 

See also, IARPA's sponsorship of work in superforecasting.

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