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Friday, August 03, 2018

E-Commerce Direct Delivery by 'Kroger Ship' Launched

Another channel opens by a major player.   Was alerted to this today.      I see its in the local market, will be giving it a try to see how the curation works.  In our market they are offering 15% off and  free shipment for your first order.

Kroger Gets Into Online Grocery Shopping Act in ECommerceTimes   By Richard Adhikari 

Supermarket uber-chain The Kroger Co. on Wednesday launched Kroger Ship, a direct-to-consumer e-commerce platform. Ship debuted in four markets: Cincinnati; Houston; Louisville, Kentucky; and Nashville, Tennessee.

The service will be rolled out to additional markets over the next few months.

During the first phase of Kroger Ship, customers will be able to shop from a curated selection of 4,500 Our Brands products, which are not available elsewhere online, and more than 50,000 center-aisle groceries and household essentials that matter the most, as rated by 84.51°, a Kroger subsidiary.

Kroger Ship will carry staples, customer favorites, and bulk and additional sizes. It will focus on Our Brands, local and international food and flavors, specialty items, and health and wellness products.

"I think it's interesting -- and important -- that Kroger's featuring its private label in the assortment," said Nikki Baird, VP of retail innovation at Aptos.

"That has proven to be a strong strategy for Amazon," she told the E-Commerce Times.

The Ship service offers competitive e-commerce pricing, Kroger said.

Still, pricing is not the real issue, suggested Ray Wang, principal analyst at Constellation Research. The products "have to be good enough to purchase online instead of going to the store."

That's hard to do with produce unless there's uniform quality in the supply chain, he told the E-Commerce Times. "For other goods, they'd better be better than Amazon, which is the gold standard."

Kroger Ship "complements and joins our 2,800 grocery stores, 1,250 curbside pickup locations, and delivery service from 1,200 locations," noted Yael Cosset, Kroger's chief digital officer.

Ship "is our next step in creating a seamless experience that allows our customers to shop when and how they want," he said. "Our new service is just one more way we are redefining the customer experience as part of Restock Kroger, bringing more convenience and options to shoppers across America." ... "

See also in Fortune.  And https://ship.kroger.com/ 

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