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Monday, August 06, 2018

AI Device Identifies Objects at Speed of Light

Quite an impressive statement.   And delivery method.  much more at the link.

UCLA-developed artificial intelligence device identifies objects at the speed of light  Public Release: 

The 3D-printed artificial neural network can be used in medicine, robotics and security
UCLA Samueli School of Engineering ... 

A team of UCLA electrical and computer engineers has created a physical artificial neural network -- a device modeled on how the human brain works -- that can analyze large volumes of data and identify objects at the actual speed of light. The device was created using a 3D printer at the UCLA Samueli School of Engineering.
Numerous devices in everyday life today use computerized cameras to identify objects -- think of automated teller machines that can "read" handwritten dollar amounts when you deposit a check, or internet search engines that can quickly match photos to other similar images in their databases. But those systems rely on a piece of equipment to image the object, first by "seeing" it with a camera or optical sensor, then processing what it sees into data, and finally using computing programs to figure out what it is.  ... "

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