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Monday, August 06, 2018

AI Depends on Trust, Sometimes

Good piece.  Though it depends on our own analyses of trust and risk.   Sometimes very inaccurate.  Highly dependent on context.  If we doing something of low risk,  look up some trivia online, or getting the current weather, we are willing to accept it.  We trust the system in that context.  But if the risk is high, much less so.    But sometimes we make poor estimate of risks and their connection to trust.   So would say that in general most people would trust an AI with little proof involved. 

3 Steps to Building Trust in AI  in Strategy-Business

It is human nature to distrust what we don’t understand, and much about AI may not be completely clear. For further insights, read “The Future of Artificial Intelligence Depends on Trust.”

by Anand Rao and Euan Cameron

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