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Thursday, March 02, 2017

Simple Bots for Questions and Answers

This was brought to my attention via Mary J Foley, who has a new site for innovation community.  Here is a current entry:   https://www.petri.com/community-champs/gary-pretty

QnA Maker Dialog for Bot Framework  By Gary Pretty

 Microsoft Bot Framework
The QnA Maker service from Microsoft, part of the Cognitive Services suite, allows you to quickly build, train and publish a question and answer bot service based on FAQ URLs or structured lists of questions and answers. Once published you can call a QnA Maker service using simple HTTP calls and integrate it with applications, including bots built on the Bot Framework.

Right now, out of the box, you will need to roll your own code / dialog within your bot to call the QnA Maker service. The new QnAMakerDialog which is now available via NuGet aims to make this integration even easier, by allowing you to integrate with the service in just a couple of minutes with virtually no code.   ... " 

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