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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Microsoft and Linkedin

I had wondered how the proposed acquisition of Linkedin by Microsoft would influence how the Skills and Resume Social giant would change.  They are very skilled in building architectures for storing, managing and delivering large HR oriented databases.  We talked to them about reapplying some of these capabilities internal to the enterprise.   How will Linkedin be connected to other MS services?  I had never thought of Linkedin as open source oriented  .... but in eWeek article this week this is discussed.  Worth a complete read if you are interested.   Was surprised by it.

Q&A: Will Microsoft’s acquisition of LinkedIn slow down the social networking company’s cadence of open-sourcing core technology for developers?

In June, Microsoft announced its intent to acquire LinkedIn, the business-oriented social networking service, for $26 billion. LinkedIn, which boasts a stable of talented engineers across a spectrum of disciplines—including cloud infrastructure, mobile and web technologies, has had a history of open-sourcing some of its core technology to the benefit of the community. LinkedIn's Kafka message broker, for instance, helped launch a successful software company and spawned related projects. However, as the company becomes a part of Microsoft, some folks have wondered whether LinkedIn's focus on open-sourcing technology for developers would continue unabated. In this eWEEK Q&A, Igor Perisic, vice president of engineering at LinkedIn, explains that the company will not only continue to open-source technology, but will try to teach Microsoft a lesson or two about working with the community.  .... " 

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