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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Kroger Pushes Technology Advantage

In Retailwire: by George Anderson

" .. You may be familiar with the adage that all businesses are selling organizations. Something similar can be said today of all companies being tech firms. Examples abound across retailing. In grocery, it would be hard to identify any company that has an edge over Kroger. Last week’s announcement that Kroger’s 84.51° division had acquired the predictive analytics firm Market6 is just another indication that the company sees technology-driven consumer insights as its edge in the marketplace.

“Every decision we make focuses on engaging customers where, when and how it matters most to them. Market6’s technology and people will be key to further enhancing how we communicate with Kroger customers in the most personalized and relevant ways,” said Stuart Aitken, CEO, 84.51°, in a statement. ... " 

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