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Thursday, August 11, 2016

IFTTT Recipes Can now Embed Directly in Apps

Interesting development that could drive the simple idea further, or even combine them as mini services to create 'skills'.  I have used IFTTT for some time as part of Echo voice commands.   Yet to see an example of this.

In Techcrunch:
" ... IFTTT made a name for itself as a platform for people to easily build (or pick up pre-built) scripts to automate tasks in and between various apps — say, to turn on the air conditioner using your home’s smart thermostat when your car tells it that you are 20 minutes’ drive away. Now, as part of the company’s bid to grow in ubiquity, it is taking the next natural step: instead of expecting users to find or write those recipes themselves on IFTTT, it will now allow developer partners to embed those IFTTT recipes directly in their own third-party apps.  ... " 

I also point out what seems to be a competitor to IFTTT,  Microsoft Flow.

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