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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Connected Volcanoes

Volcanoes have been linked to sensors for a long time.    And connected to the internet as well.   I like the new connections to advanced analytics,  Data is not yet available.   I plan to connect to this volcano.   In Adage:

GE Creates World's First 'Connected Volcano'
Hooks Up Sensors to Nicaraguan Volcano; Shares on Social Media  By Kate Maddox

Digital industrial company GE, which has been at the forefront of using new technologies to tell its story, is creating the world's first "connected volcano" and sharing the journey on social media.
GE's sensors will capture data from an active volcano.

To do this, GE is partnering with explorer Sam Cossman at Qwake, a company that combines global expeditions with cutting-edge technology. GE is the digital and software partner for an expedition Mr. Cossman is leading in Nicaragua to connect sensors to a live volcano in order to gather data for early warning systems and other purposes.

"We are leveraging Predix, GE's industrial internet software, to help build the foundation of a digital ecosystem Mr. Cossman and his team at Qwake are putting in place at the volcano," said Sydney Williams, global digital marketing manager at GE. ... " 

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