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Thursday, March 03, 2011

A New Kind of Consulting

Of interest, related to my recent note on social networks in the enterprise.  CapGemini is reorganizing to use social networks to do consulting.  Also, consultancy Atos Origin plans to eliminate all e-email with three years, aiming to replace it with social media.  Lots of changes will have to be made to the social media of today, which are not designed for efficiency or knowledge management, to make that viable.   An opportunity.

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Mark Montgomery said...


"Biz Guides" (consultants) was one of several novel services we offered in virtual franchise-- 15 years ago now when launched. It was a virtual consulting service for SMEs that worked fairly well-- for the consultant and client, not so well for the host. It was a bit too early and we were a bit too undercapitalized--with several other services to build, for the programming needed to keep everyone honest for long periods of time-- otherwise they just take it off line or elsewhere (thanks...).

Interesting, however, that the concerns many have voiced since -- adoption by either party for virtual services, wasn't the primary issue, but the customer did expect to realize the lower costs and time saved, benefiting from global matchmaking to need.