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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Recorded Future Visualizes Foreign Relations via VIP Travels

I have mentioned the Recorded Future company here a number of times.  Their innovative methods allows you you analyze specific time dimension relationships among online data, resulting in some particularly unique insights.  They build off of some of the recent work done with Facebook relationship data that I also reported on, but this time using the Recorded Future API  and Spotfire to produce some striking and insightful global relationships " .... We used the Recorded Future News Analytics API to extract travel events on 1,000 “VIPs” – prominent politicians, generals, business people from around the world, and created a data set first of 350,000 events. After removing duplicate reporting and other clean-up we ended up with 7,000 unique VIP trips done during 2009-2010 ... " .   Striking visuals and potentially unique insights.

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