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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Kindle Economics Explored

Nice ZDNet piece on the economics of the Kindle, which you will recall is the Amazon book reading device. I saw it demonstrated at a meeting and was impressed, though I do not have one. The article addresses the question: " ... At what point, however, do consumers start ditching their dead-tree books for e-books? And how many books do you actually have to read per year in order for the convenience factor of the Kindle — its light weight, its ability to store hundreds of books in its memory, and the instant gratification of being able to download books via the Amazon Whispernet EVDO Sprint network — to outweigh its costs? ... ".

1 comment:

Tomlin said...

As a nomad
Kindle solved
my three main problems instantly
I ordered one within
the famous 4.5 or 5.5
or 6 hours
before they went out of stock
and had it two days later
almost a year ago
Now I carry my library
and my bookstore with me
and have a wide selection
of books to choose from
depending on my mood
Now thanks to Oprah
They're out of stock again
Don't try
Just don't try
any of youse thugs
to take my Kindle from me