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Thursday, March 02, 2023

P&G Launching Supply Chain Platform for Retail Partners

My former employer Announces   02/28/2023

P&G Launching Supply Chain Platform for Retail Partners, Dives Into Digital Innovation and Data Strategies

Liz Dominguez, Managing Editor  in Consumergoods.com

P&G is continuing to invest in digital transformation, focusing specifically on the supply chain, retail execution, and environmental sustainability. 

Perhaps the most notable initiative thus far, however, is its efforts toward launching a collaborative supply chain strategy. This July, the company is moving forward with a supply chain services platform for retail partners across North America. 

“It will enable us to better serve our joint consumers while streamlining the end-to-end supply chain, aiming to create a sustainable and expanding competitive advantage,” said Jon Moeller, P&G’s president and CEO, at the Consumer Analyst Group of New York (CAGNY) investors conference last week.

The news follows several previously announced Supply Chain 3.0 initiatives, expected to culminate in productivity savings of up to $1.5 billion per year — some of which be re-invested to expand capacity. 

More About Supply Chain 3.0

The company's Supply Chain 3.0 strategy includes heavy investments across its digital capabilities to drive productivity and cost effectiveness — with a significant focus on automation within P&G’s distribution centers and supply warehouses.

Part of this includes finding new ways to identify and develop new raw materials. The company is tapping proprietary algorithms, virtual reality tools, and artificial intelligence in order to digitally design molecules and create formulas, plugging in real-time data related to costs and raw material availability. Moeller reported this has shortened P&G’s product development time frame from years to mere months.


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