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Saturday, March 04, 2023

Amazon Go Stores Close

The fully automated checkout stores will close, unclear if this is general abandonment of the concept or just cost cutting. 

Amazon Go stores to close in cities coast to coast

8 Amazon Go stores to close April 1

By Julia Musto FOXBusiness

Cathie Wood makes a prediction about Amazon's future workforce

Ark Invest's Cathie Wood predicts Amazon will have more robot employees than humans by 2030.

Amazon is permanently closing some of its Amazon Go stores in major cities on both coasts. 

The locations include two stores in Seattle, two stores in New York City and four in San Francisco. 

"Like any physical retailer, we periodically assess our portfolio of stores and make optimization decisions along the way. In this case, we’ve decided to close a small number of Amazon Go stores in Seattle, New York City and San Francisco," an Amazon spokesperson told FOX Business in a Saturday email. 

Two of the Seattle closures will have minimum impact, as they have been shuttered for some time.    ... ' 

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