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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Interdictive Analytics

Forrester's James Kobielus on what he is calling 'Interdictive Analytics'.  Good thoughts.  I had not heard the term before but it is a form of  predictive alerting using analytics, that is not uncommon.

" ... Predictive analytics is not just about forecasting what’s coming down the pike. It’s also about keeping the bad alternative futures from happening. If you can see the nasty things that might happen far enough in advance, you have a better chance of neutralizing or squelching them entirely. In fact, many real-world applications of predictive analytics are “interdictive,” a term often used in military and law enforcement contexts to refer to tactics that delay, disrupt, or shut down an adversary’s forces or supply routes before they can do damage. Anti-fraud is one of the principal interdictive applications of predictive analytics technology.  ... "

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