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Thursday, August 11, 2016

R Connects to Watson for Decision Improvement

Every successful Cognitive/AI  project I have been involved in since the 80s has also used machine learning analytics techniques now readily available in R.   Machine learning data science can be seen as a way to add intelligence to a system, and prepare it for better decision based methods.

  I think we will continue to see this collaboration between methods.  This is a new kind of ensemble technique that will evolve.   Decision making can be directly involved. Will continue to follow this development.

" ... New R extension gives data scientists easy access to IBM's Watson   By Katherine Noyes  

Data scientists have a lot of tools at their disposal, but not all of them are equally accessible. Aiming to put IBM's Watson AI within closer reach, analytics firm Columbus Collaboratory on Thursday released a new open-source R extension called CognizeR.

R is an open-source language that's widely used by data scientists for statistical and analytics applications. Previously, data scientists would have had to exit R to tap Watson's capabilities, coding the calls to Watson's application programming interfaces (APIs) in another language, such as Java or Python.

Now, CognizeR lets them tap into Watson's so-called "cognitive" artificial-intelligence services without leaving their native development environment.

"Data scientists can now seamlessly tap into our cognitive services to unlock data that lives in unstructured forms like chats, emails, social media, images, and documents," wrote Rob High, vice president and CTO for Watson, in a blog post.  .. " 

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