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Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Marketing Augmented Reality is Here

In Adworld.   An overview of how it is being tested by marketers today.   Now we know that the right kind of simple quest game can work.    Now will other methods beyond gaming work too?

" .. First, let's define the new medium. Augmented reality, or AR, is simply the mixture of digital worlds (images, video and sound) and physical reality, experienced first by today's mobile screens and eventually by eye goggles with better vision or haptic suits with full-body sensation.

2016 is the year AR arrived. In February, the Florida startup Magic Leap secured $793 million in VC funding for its glasses that project high-resolution animations over real space. Microsoft in March began shipping developer kits for its HoloLens headset. And Facebook has purchased Oculus, a virtual-reality pioneer, for $2 billion. With all the big tech players investing, AR is coming fast. ... " 

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