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Saturday, April 02, 2016

Blackberry Radar for Goods Security

Worked on related ideas for the supply chain enterprise a decade ago that used tagging and communicating capabilities to track trucks.  There are suppliers that do this already.  Huge amounts of money and security involved. A fundamental part of the IOT. Tracking things.  To me an unexpected participant in this space:

In the Blackberry Blog: " .... Efficiency and loss-prevention are keys to profitability for trucking companies, which are gaining a new way to boost productivity with the introduction of BlackBerry Radar today at the Mid-America Trucking Show. BlackBerry Radar is an end-to-end, Internet of Things (IoT)-based system that monitors the location of trailers and containers and delivers timely, actionable data to transportation managers via a secure, online portal. The portal is accessible from practically any location on any smartphone, tablet or computer. The system optimizes usage of trailers and shipping containers, improves on-time delivery and lets operators generate more revenue per trailer. .... " 

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