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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Testing Facebook Chatbots

Certainly Facebook has the largest and most varied domain to test the idea. How 'AI strong' can a chatbot be?   Does it need to be?   Companies testing:    In CWorld:   " .... When The Muppets Studio wanted Miss Piggy to be able to chat with her fans, executives there decided to connect her with a new Facebook Messenger chatbot. ... 

"We were very interested in creating an opportunity for Miss Piggy to connect with her fans in a very personal way," said Debbie McClellan, vice president of The Muppets Studio. "Messaging is a natural way for people (and internationally famous pigs) to communicate. Chatbots made it possible for Miss Piggy to engage in one-on-one conversations and to develop a deeper relationship with her fans."....  '

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