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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Conversational Voice Bots From Baidu

Considerable work done by Chinese company Baidu in voice interfaces, with indications of Bot like interaction to AI.  A good group to follow.  They have a huge test bed of possibilities.  Have yet to see a demo of their approaches.  Especially how voice links to conversation and knowledge.  See the Baidu links below.  (Send me more).

" ... Last November, Baidu reached an important landmark with its voice technology, announcing that its Silicon Valley lab had developed a powerful new speech recognition engine called Deep Speech 2. It consists of a very large, or “deep,” neural network that learns to associate sounds with words and phrases as it is fed millions of examples of transcribed speech. Deep Speech 2 can recognize spoken words with stunning accuracy. In fact, the researchers found that it can sometimes transcribe snippets of Mandarin speech more accurately than a person. ..."

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