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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Accenture Builds a Virtual Assistant called MyWizard

Continued efforts to build virtual assistants.  Named MyWizard.    Note the industry specific elements and knowledge.  How much local learning?    I like the statement of it dealing directly with business outcomes.   Looking further.  Can I get a demo?

Accenture Launches Intelligent Automation Platform to Deliver Smarter, More Efficient Application Services that Improve Business Outcomes  .... " 

The intelligent automation platform, Accenture myWizard, augments human technologists with virtual agents powered by artificial intelligence, armed with analytics capabilities and the ability to tap Accenture’s vast technology and unique industry knowledge  .. " 

" .... The platform is able to mine Accenture’s vast, cumulative knowledge base of vertical industry operating models, process flows and key performance indicators, giving Accenture myWizard a unique set of business domain experience that can identify and support tangible business results. Hosted on Microsoft Azure, Accenture myWizard’s liquid, plug-and-play architecture makes it “tomorrow-proof” with the ability to add in new capabilities as artificial intelligence matures. .... " 

List of Virtual Assistants covered.

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