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Saturday, April 02, 2016

Big Data Isn't Enough

Colleague Martin Lindstrom's recent book:  Small Data: The Tiny Clues that Uncover Huge Trends, was recently covered in a Fortune article.    " .... It can’t give you the whole picture .... Here are 5 reasons why Big Data no longer can stand alone, and why the future is likely to always include Small Data .... "   

The Master storyteller looks at the small indicators:  

" ... Hired by the world's leading brands to find out what makes their customers tick, Martin Lindstrom spends 300 nights a year in strangers’ homes, carefully observing every detail in order to uncover their hidden desires, and, ultimately, the clues to a multi-million dollar product.

Lindstrom connects the dots in this globetrotting narrative that will enthrall enterprising marketers, as well as anyone with a curiosity about the endless variations of human behavior.  ... " 

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