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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Combining Data and Creativity

Broadly a favorite topic.    Ultimately it has always been there as a combination of generate-and-test methods.  Your creativity will always be tested in the market.  But now the data defines the world better than it ever has.  So why not involve it early?  

Combining Data and Creativity in Marketing
by Rick Delgado   

Of all the uses of big data analytics for businesses, one of the most popular and effective is its utilization in the marketing world. With detailed information about customers, brands, and marketing efforts, it’s little surprise that big data would make such an impact among marketers of all types of companies. When it comes to marketing, big data solutions are plentiful, but the more that marketing becomes data-driven, the more worry there is that the emphasis on numbers could end up crowding out the more creative side. For many years now, creativity has dominated the marketing sphere, but with more businesses leaning toward the importance of using data to influence all decisions, creativity has almost taken a backseat. The key to achieving new levels of success for marketers is the effective combination of both sides of the equation. .... " 

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