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Sunday, May 12, 2013

When Elevators Phone Home

In GigaOM:   This has been described before as the internet of things.  But what are the most interesting that this network can do, beyond the obvious?   Networking intelligent, analytic things will likely be the next revolution.  " .... Your next elevator pitch might actually come from data derived from your elevator. That’s the case for an unnamed elevator manufacturing company that used Splunk’s machine data logging software to track how often its elevators were taking trips in its clients’ buildings. It noticed that the fewer trips people made, the more likely it was that the client would cancel the lucrative maintenance contracts the firm offered.

So it took that data and tweaked its approach. Now when it sees a slowdown it reaches out to the client to try a new plan or just make sure the clients don’t cancel. In the future it may offer new pricing plans to adjust for slack usage. ... " 

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