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Friday, May 10, 2013

When Cars Talk

The broad idea is machine to machine communication.  Here the example used is how cars on the street will talk to each other and react to data in their environment.  The analytics for the idea can be taken further.  How can any kind of agent talk to other agents and their environment as the travel?  Consumers too.   " ... Your car, for instance, could "see" the velocity of nearby vehicles and react when they turn or brake suddenly. And with computer algorithms and predictive models, your car will be able to predict where other vehicles are going and measure the other drivers' skills -- ensuring you're safe from their bad moves....  "We're even imagining in the future cars would be able to ask other cars, 'Hey, can I cut into your lane?' Then the other car would let you in," said Jennifer Healey, a research scientist with Intel.... " 

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