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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Illusions of Cognition in Computing

Interesting Forrester piece:  In fact all AI and expertise based systems appear to be cognitive.  How is this an illusion?   In fact in our own experiments with systems with only a handful of rules, say a dozen, could be seen as complexly cognitive.  And even such a simple system, would be quite difficult to manage, despite what the expert systems manuals said ... that all you had to do was drop in a rule to advance the systems knowledge..  You could, but the system would also have unexpected operational differences.   " ... IBM has just announced that one of Australia’s “big four” banks, the ANZ, will adopt the IBM Watson technology in their wealth management division for customer service and engagement. Australia has always been an early adopter of new technologies but I’d also like to think that we’re a little smarter and savvier than your average geek back in high school in 1982.  ... IBM’s Watson announcement is significant, not necessarily because of the sophistication of the Watson technology, but because of IBM's ability to successfully market the Watson concept. ... " 

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