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Friday, December 16, 2011

Tools for SemanticTechnologies

Mark Montgomery points me to this useful post on tools for semantic technologies.  Work at least a scan and a selective drill down.  Things are changing rapidly and maturing.  Overall a thousand plus tools.  " ... this is the inaugural ‘State of Tooling for Semantic Technologies‘ report, and, boy, is it a humdinger. There have been more changes — and more important changes — in this past year than in all four previous years combined. I think it fair to say that semantic technology tooling is now reaching a mature state, the trends of which likely point to future changes as well.  In this past year more tools have been added, more tools have been dropped (or abandoned), and more tools have taken on a professional, sophisticated nature. Further, for the first time, the number of semantic technology and -related tools has passed 1000. This is remarkable, given that more tools have been abandoned or retired than ever before ... " 

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