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Thursday, September 09, 2010

Videos from KYield

Mark Montgomery of Kyield has added some video clips, linked to below, to explain his impressive plans to support the knwoledge worker.

"Videos — Unleash the Innovation Within
by Mark Montgomery

We have activated our YouTube channel, beginning with a video clip describing the theory of ‘Yield Management of Knowledge’ and the name Kyield.

The second and third clips make up a two-part series discussing the digital workplace environment and our trademark and white paper Unleash the Innovation Within. I thought the timing would be appropriate sharing on Labor Day Weekend here in the U.S. which celebrates workers in our society. Knowledge workers make up an ever-growing portion of our society and workforce, yet are often misunderstood and ill-served by enterprise systems and applications, and so too are their organizations.

While these are short clips that just touch the surface of the topics, I hope you enjoy the videos.
Mark Montgomery
Founder & CEO ... "

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