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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

An Update on Google Knol

Around now since 2007, Google's Knol was described as a Wikipedia killer, but has seen little commentary for some time. I was surprised to see this article which reviews its progress, surveys what is there and does some volume comparisons to the WP. By their count there are 163,000 entries, but also lots of spam. It also does a good job of listing Knol's novel features. My own quick look, searching for a topic I know something about: AI (Artificial Intelligence) shows lots of fragmentation, and little attempt to consolidate the topic into one useful piece. In other words, no editing, just lots of individuals crafting their own view of the topic. That is not as generally useful as the WP. Still surprised that the WP was not bought by Google.

1 comment:

KVSSNRao said...

I don't think people want only one article on one topic from one book.

It is definitely good that they are many articles on AI. There is scope on knol for you to add to any of them through edits or comments.