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Monday, September 28, 2015

Big Data Ducklings

In Teradata Mag:   " ... Ugly Duckling or Black Swan?  Big Data gives businesses the periheral vision to detect and respond to catastropic events before it is too late. ... " .  Thoughtful piece,  but I define black swans as those that cannot be completely predicted.  So this is more like risk management, which has its own literature.  If I build a portfolio of risks, and can define potential occurrences, then Black Swans are very low probability possibilities.  How low?  Completely unanticipated?   Events that I do not have lots of data about, are by definition not 'big' data.  Yes I know it is not all about 'big', which is part of the reason I do not like the term.  So lets just call it data analytics under unusual contexts.

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