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Friday, December 01, 2006

Short Persuasive Videos

Professor BJ Fogg of the Captology Lab at Stanford, who we have worked with a number of times asks for our help:
" ... My Stanford students have created short videos (averaging 2 minutes) that show how Web 2.0 services persuade people and change their behaviors. The videos are interesting -- and sometimes funny. I'm inviting you to help evaluate some of these videos before December 4th. You can rate one video or twenty. The choice is yours. To watch and rate the videos. The videos with the highest rating will be featured in the Captology Film Festival on December 7th at Stanford. You're invited to join us at that event. For more info ..."
The Captology Lab is worth taking a look at. It addresses the problem of how to use computers to persuade, beyond just the advertising level.

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