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Sunday, December 17, 2006

IBM's Dogear

From IBM Think Research Magazine: Fetch!. An article on their Dogear social bookmarking research. IBM's Think Research is a development journal I have followed for years. IBM positions Dogear as the first social bookmarking method that is usable by organizations. They are planning to announce offerings that deliver some of their internal social technology work:

" ...Social bookmarking services have dramatically changed the way we find information on the Internet. Popularized by a service named del.icio.us, these Web-based applications provide a centralized place to store, organize and share Internet bookmarks. There are two distinguishing characteristics of social bookmarking systems. The first is the use of keywords, or tags, that a user enters to describe the links he or she saves. These tags allow users to organize and display their collection with labels that are meaningful to them. Furthermore, multiple tags allow bookmarks to belong to more than one category, a limitation of the traditional hierarchically organized folders found in most Web browsers. The second significant characteristic of these social bookmark applications is the social nature of their use. While bookmark collections are personally created and maintained, they are typically also visible to others. As a result, users benefit by getting pointers to new information from others while at the same time getting a general sense of what other people's interests are ...."

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