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Friday, April 13, 2018

More on Location Analysis

They may differ on the value, but its almost always done and reviewed closely.  Sure there are differences in its use among different kinds of retailers.  Consider at very least the capital investment involved.

Retailers Differ on Value of Location Analysis
by Brian Kilcourse in Retailwire.

Through a special arrangement, what follows is a summary of an article from Retail Paradox, RSR Research’s weekly analysis on emerging issues facing retailers, presented here for discussion.

RSR’s first benchmark on location analytics in retail showed there are significant differences in focus depending on what kind of products a retailer sells, and some of the differences are counter-intuitive.

Retailers across the different verticals, performance and size all agree that “more targeted marketing” is essential to their future well-being.

But why, for example, would almost twice as many fashion retailers as fast-moving-consumer-goods (FMCG) and general merchandisers (GM) rank “improved merchandising plan localization” as a high-priority? Fashion retailers introduce new collections every season and typically execute relatively few replenishments after the initial allocation is delivered to the stores. Grocers, drug stores and big box merchants, on the other hand, have many more SKUs in their standardized assortments and replenish very frequently. The payback from assortment localization based on customer-centered analytics are far greater.  ... " 

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