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Friday, April 13, 2018

Voice Separation

Simple but powerful idea.  Have gone through voice training on several assistants.  This takes it further.  Note the idea of separating components of a conversation.

Google AI can pick out voices in a crowd
It could boost audio quality for video chats and hearing aids.

Jon Fingas, @jonfingas in Engadget
4h ago in Personal 

ComputingHumans are usually good at isolating a single voice in a crowd, but computers? Not so much -- just ask anyone trying to talk to a smart speaker at a house party. Google may have a surprisingly straightforward solution, however. Its researchers have developed a deep learning system that can pick out specific voices by looking at people's faces when they're speaking. The team trained its neural network model to recognize individual people speaking by themselves, and then created virtual "parties" (complete with background noise) to teach the AI how to isolate multiple voices into distinct audio tracks. .... "   Contains video and audio example.

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