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Thursday, April 12, 2018

Pizza and a Game?

Pizza and game?  There have always been attempts to find multiple value contexts to deliver to a customer.  Loyalty, and delivering it via the internet, is one. But too easily duplicated.  Is this another?  Is the reward the game?  How much reward engagement will it build?   With more expert Retail opinion at the link.

Will a mobile game and free pizza combo deliver sales for Domino’s?  by Matthew Stern in Retailwire

Pizza is widely regarded as the video game fanatic’s cuisine of choice. And for members of Domino’s loyalty program, mobile gaming skills will now be one of the keys to unlocking free pizza.

Domino’s is launching a mobile game called “Piece of the Pie Pursuit,” according to a press release. Customers who are able to beat all six pizza-themed levels of the game will be granted 10 loyalty points. Members can redeem 60 points for a free medium two-topping pizza. The game play, as seen in a YouTube video, consists of navigating Domino’s-branded tokens, marbles and other objects through a complex, three-dimensional Rube Goldberg-type machine. ...."

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