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Thursday, June 08, 2017

Voice Design

Intrigued by the concept of voice design in bots. We worked with bots, but never got a chance to design voice to improve the User experience (UX) in this way.   Starts to enter the idea of designing the conversation itself.  Powerful concept. Below a short excerpt of a technical piece on the topic for the Amazon Echo.  See also her speech synthesis language.

Introducing the Amazon Alexa Voice Design Guide   Paul Cutsinger   @PaulCutsinger
".... We're excited to share the Amazon Alexa Voice Design Guide (alexa.design/guide), a resource built on the experiences of the Amazon Alexa team, the skill builder community, and established industry practices. It includes voice design concepts as well as practical guidelines for every stage of your project to help you deliver an enjoyable voice experience. Here’s a quick tour. .... " 

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