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Thursday, June 08, 2017

Amazon, Data and Store Operation

An interesting thought.   In the past rating was also done by knowledgeable employees in the store.  Now just organize it better.   My own retail experience makes it seem obvious.    But probably late.

Will Amazon’s use of data transform how retailers operate stores?    by Tom Ryan   in Retailwire:

How does Amazon Books differ from Barnes & Noble as well as the many book chains that have bitten the dust in recent years? Discovery and data.

That’s what Jennifer Cast, VP of Amazon Books, told a group of journalists Tuesday in a tour of Amazon Books’ first New York City store at Shops at Columbus Circle, its seventh store. (See photos on our Facebook page…)

The primary way Amazon is linking data to discovery is Amazon.com ratings. All books on display (except some best-sellers and new books) have ratings above four so customers “know these are great books.”

The ratings are showcased in special “feature” displays throughout the store. The most common shows ratings above 4.5 or 4.8 in themed sections (non-fiction, cooking, etc.).  ....   " 

I see the term 'Blended retailing' being used.   Good further thoughts in the discussion.

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