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Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Microsoft Announces ML Library for Spark

More Open Source releases for data science, here via Microsoft.

Cortana Intelligence and Machine Learning Blog
Announcing Microsoft Machine Learning Library for Apache Spark

June 7, 2017 by Cortana Intelligence and ML Blog Team 
This post is authored by Roope Astala, Senior Program Manager, and Sudarshan Raghunathan, Principal Software Engineering Manager, at Microsoft.

We’re excited to announce the Microsoft Machine Learning library for Apache Spark – a library designed to make data scientists more productive on Spark, increase the rate of experimentation, and leverage cutting-edge machine learning techniques – including deep learning – on very large datasets.  ....

Open Source
To make Spark better for everyone, we’ve released MMLSpark as an Open Source project on GitHub – and we would welcome your contributions. ....  " 

Has anyone done a survey of all the open source machine learning libraries?  Which are most relevant for different kinds of applications?

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