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Friday, February 03, 2017

How Will Robotics Alter Staffing Models in Retail?

Have been following how robotics will interact with in-store retail personnel.  Lowe's is an interesting example to follow.  How will this alter staffing models, customer engagement and satisfaction?   In Retailwire, with further expert discussion:

Will a new staffing model improve Lowe’s customer service?   by Matthew Stern
Lowe’s Home Improvement recently announced layoffs as a part of an effort to “overhaul its staffing model.” The cuts, which will constitute less than one percent of the total staff, come in the context of a reshuffling of responsibilities, which a source told the Charlotte Observer is meant to provide an increase in “face time with customers.” .... '  

 ... In late 2016, the one-store OSHBot pilot expanded into the release of a branded “LoweBot.” Slated to be rolled out in 11 Lowe’s locations in the San Francisco Bay area over seven months, the LoweBot can, like its predecessor, find products, answer simple customer questions and help manage inventory. 

The Lowe’s Innovation Labs website positions LoweBot as a way to free up staff so that the they can offer customers specialized knowledge and expertise. With that in mind, Lowe’s may be anticipating a future in which robots do the heavy lifting and real-live humans help customers with the higher-level tasks. It has not been announced if or when Lowe’s robotic helper will appear in stores beyond the San Francisco area.  ..... " 

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