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Friday, February 03, 2017

AI in the Everyday Enterprise

Always interested in how AI will be inserted into the enterprise.  We made early, simplistic attempts that were highly focused, very successful at times, but not integrated into common tasks.  How will this change in the near future?   Clear need is to integrate with corporate data and knowledge structure.   Make the system easy to maintain.   Related CWorld Opinion:

From presentation to conversation: How A.I. will transform enterprise apps  Apps will soon shift from dumb repositories to deft assistants. .... 

" .... In the second stage, A.I. identifies valuable tasks and pushes notifications to users suggesting they take action. For a recent example, a medical benefits management company had A.I. evaluate claims before any human intervention, approving those that were clearly appropriate. The tricky claims are pushed to nurses and doctors for further review. With apologies to Marshall McLuhan, at this stage the message is the medium, not the app’s presentation layer.

Whether it’s email or a rich messaging platform like Slack, the notification serves as a gateway deep into the presentation layer of the app that generated it. A churn alert links directly to the affected customer -- you no longer navigate down to that user from the app’s landing page. And recipients can even directly take action within the message itself as part of micro flow. The app is still the system of record, but its presentation layer is no longer the entry point for many user tasks. .... " 

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