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Friday, April 01, 2016

Bots as the Path Forward

Out of this weeks developer conference, some more useful thoughts.  We saw this early, but did not have the sensor or AI capabilities to make it work.  But are there enough now?  And why bots? Likely because bots can be said to encompass conversations between people, machines, networks and contexts.  And at different levels of attentiveness.  So start building and testing the blocks needed to make them happen.  See some of our work recounted in the text tag links.

Why Microsoft believes that AI bots are the only logical path forward
By Selena Larson

For Microsoft, the future of communication is bots. The company believes that artificial intelligence will eventually change the way we connect with people, businesses, and our computers. 

At Microsoft’s Build developer conference on Wednesday, the company highlighted a handful of ways its integrating bots into platforms like Skype, and touched on new developments to Microsoft’s personal bot assistant, Cortana. Microsoft also debuted a bot framework that lets developers integrate bots into their applications—similar to the way mobile developers can make apps for iOS or Android, they can now build bots on top of Microsoft’s framework.  .... " 

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