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Tuesday, March 08, 2016

MIT Sloan on Work Behind Analytics Success

Beyond the Hype The Hard Work Behind Analytics Success
Why competitive advantage from analytics is declining and what to do about it

(Full paper Requires registration, available for limited time)

Includes, among other examples, mention of GE:

" ... General Electric
In 2012, GE began creating a new digital business with a multibillion-dollar bet on the Industrial Internet, a platform to aggregate and analyze sensor data from industrial machines. To achieve this digital orientation, the company has had to refashion several elements of its business model, including changing service delivery, transforming its sales force, and changing the way it prices equipment. It has created a huge software division to support a new cloud-based platform to host and analyze asset productivity data, develop new machine data applications, and bring together a community of customers and developers. GE’s strategy for data and analytics has become tightly linked to its corporate strategy, a tremendous corporate shift for what was once a traditional manufacturing conglomerate.4 GE anticipates that its Industrial Internet offerings will be a significant source of profitability and growth for years to come. In September 2015, GE formally announced the creation of a new business division, GE Digital, which will combine its Silicon Valley software center, information technology, and industrial security operations .... " 

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