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Saturday, December 06, 2014

Mining Search Trends for Ad Buys

In Adage: Google mines search trends.    " ....  Two years ago, WPP's Mindshare created a tool for its client Kleenex that used Google search data to see where in the United Kingdom people were searching for things related to the flu. Based on that data, Kleenex was able to shift its TV ad spend to make sure people in those areas saw its spots. ... Now Mindshare has developed the tool into a full-fledged search-trend analyzer with Google. Called Search As Signal, the tool tracks what people are searching on Google, where around the world they're doing those searches and on what device and identifies trends. ... "  

See also Mindshare's Loop Room, which futher looks at the delivery mechanism for this kind of data. Similarities to P&G's Business Sphere.  Get the right data to the right people, in real-time.

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