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Monday, February 04, 2008

Project Management as a Service

Microsoft Project has been in use here for some time. I have used it for two large projects. I have just had the chance to look at project management Saas (Software as a service), two cases, Central Desktop and Basecamp. There are others, but these seem to be the most used. It's is often hard to manage large projects if you cannot precisely divide it into tasks.

I have always thought that it was more important to deliver stronger collaboration, than precisely predicted time lines. That's exactly what these packages try to do. I would guess that MS Project is more bloated with options, and thus harder to use as well. Note my experience with MS Project is now several years old. I found these other packages fairly easy to pick up. As software-as-a-service becomes more common, check these out. Does anyone know of others worth looking at? A sample Central Desktop review.

1 comment:

Sal said...

SaaS has definitely helped fuel collaboration tools that can help people work better and smoother.
There is another one called DeskAway (www.deskaway.com) that has a real simple UI, powerful features and affordable pricing - it really simplifies working in teams!