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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Future of Small Business

Steve King writes, and passes along a link to an interesting article I am now reading:
We just released the 3rd edition of the Future of Small Business report. It is called The New Artisan Economy. This was a joint effort by IFTF, Intuit and Emergent Research (my firm). The report and related materials are at: www.intuit.com/futureofsmallbusiness. The report applies relevant IFTF forecasts and analysis to the small business sector. Because of this, those familar with IFTF and their forecasts will recognize much of the work. It also includes data and insights gleened from Intuit's extensive market research on the small business sector.

Thanks to co-author Anthony Townsend and contributors Alex Pang and David Pescovitz -whose work on the future of manufacturing we proudly plagiarized.

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