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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Cheesecake Factory Restaurant Analytics

The Cheesecake Factory delivers an exceptional brand experience with IBM Big Data analytics http://goo.gl/Mfn5c #IBMPWLC

I had yet to see a restaurant application of this type, so it was fun to see the linked to video.  I have eaten at the Cheesecake Factory a number of times, and when in a business I always look for indications of data gathering and process applications. It is always interesting to see how this can be linked to midsize business needs.

Cheesecake Factory is a global company that serves 80 million guests a year, with over 200 menu items, hardly a small company.  How do they deliver a unique brand experience that meets customer expectations?  In  my own visits I was singularly impressed by their process, though I could not see how they used data to achieve it.  Clearly they had dound out how to deliver quality consistently. This short video and provided a look at the data back of the house.   A chef myself, I wanted to see how big data contributed to the experience.

As every chef knows, its all about the quality assurance of what goes into the food.   They also seek to make the experience as consistent as possible, regardless of the location of the restaurant.  IBM and partner N2N Global  have put together a strategy that provides " ... ERP, Tracebility, Quality and Food Safety, and Business Intelligence Software integrated in a single solution for the Food Supply Chain. ... " 

This is by its nature a big data problem. Multiple sources of supplier information about key ingredients that is being updated constantly. Volatile data because it needs to address such questions as traceability and food safety.  Usage information in each region to assure the highest quality ingredients to meet restaurant specifications.  Feedback from the users of the ingredients to assure continued quality.   Consistent  analysis of costs to assure profits.  That's lots of data, and lots of places where that data can be used to streamline the process. Analytics.

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